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Renovate your wood floor

Having an old wood flooring hidden underneath the carpets at your home in London is а jackpot!

If you are lucky, professional floor sanding and polishing procedures might transform your wood floor into the brightest accent at your property. The best thing is you won’t spend a lot of money because sanding is much cheaper than installing a new floor. Moreover, having a freshly sanded and finished wood floor at home instantly increases the overall value of your property! So, why don’t you get rid of your nasty carpets and give a second chance to your old hardwood flooring for instance? You can either do it by yourself, if you are familiar with the sanding process or you can call a professional floor sanding company in london.

Call us and we will help you to refresh your home !


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  If you're planning a wood flooring job, the odds are you have come across the expression three strip wood flooring, but just what does this mean? In brief, three strip engineered wood flooring is engineered flooring boards, which were produced to create a look that gives the impression of three boards in one. Engineered wood flooring is made up of several layers of different woods that are secured together to create a stable foundation for a solid wood top layer, or lamella. The most important benefit of these floors is that it doesn't respond to heat and moisture changes in the exact same way as solid wood and as such is a wonderful answer for the likes of kitchens and toilets. Engineered wood flooring comes in single planks as well as 3 strip choices . One of the wonderful advantages of three strip hardwood floors is that it permits you to put your flooring quickly and reduce the risk of gaps developing between boards as time marches on. Having this type of flooring, you ar

Harpenden Floor Sanding

With or without carpet? Beautifully finished hardwood floors can present your house a sophisticated, classic appearance, and are simpler to keep clean than carpets. In these instances, you greatly have to do some hardwood floor repair, in order to provide a fresh new appearance to your own classic wood flooring you can succeed in hardwood floor renovation with sanding! You might believe that floor board replacement is really a job that's reserved just for the professionals - It's true! We believe it is always better to renovate or restore an existing wooden floor rather than replace it! Do not hide your damaged floor with a carpet, this is one of the things that our clients are doing and then after years they decide that it is time for sanding, but it the sooner the better! It is mo much more easy to find spills, pet hair, crumbs and debris on hardwood floors than carpet. Wood floors needs to be cleaned and vacuumed more often than carpet. Designers says that trend is towa